Rubberised Water Proof Coating Plus (Bituminous Rubber Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Based on synthetic rubber, complex organic chemicals and rich minerals, Chemistik RWPC Plus is a brushable liquid, having paint consistency and is black in colour. ADVANTAGES Single-component, ready-to-use. Can be applied to damp surfaces. Excellent adhesion to all surfaces. Forms elastic, water-proof film. Resistance to temperatures around 80° to 90° C. No skilled labour […]

Bituruffe (Bituminous Cold Mastic)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Bituruffe compound is a high solid high build protective bituminous coating blended with rubber special chemicals and solvent. A semi viscous liquid, cold applied membrane coating, primarily developed to provide economical resistance to water and corrosion on a variety of surfaces and having varied uses. ADVANTAGES Cold applied-no heating required. One coat system. […]

Clear Water Proofer (Acrylic Primer)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Single-component, Brownish clear liquid coating, transparent appearance, which seals concrete and other absorbent surfaces. ADVANTAGES Excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces like concrete, wood, metal, mosaic tiles, A.C. Sheets etc. Resistant to temperatures upto 90° C to 100° C. Will not crack, spall, peel or disintegrate in wide temperature variations. Can be used […]

White Water Proofer (Acrylic Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik WWP creates a tough and abrasion resistant film, seals hairline cracks, totally and acts as an effective barrier against moisture, water and atmospheric impurities. Further, it waterproofs all absorbent surfaces. Due to its white colour, it reflects heat and helps in reducing room temperature and keeps interiors cool. ADVANTAGES Single-component, ready-to-use, white […]

Prodecor Damp Proofer (Acrylic Damproofer Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik Pro Décor Damproofer coating is based on pure acrylic, pigments, fillers etc. Its improved formula prevents dampness from interior/exterior walls, a good waterproof barrier for interior applications prior to application of putty and paint. It eliminates paint peeling problems. ADVANTAGES Single component, ready to use. Can be applied on damp surfaces. No […]

Pro Decor Super (Acrylic Elastomeric Masonry Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONChemistik Pro Decor Super is a heavy duty elastomeric coating for protection of masonry surfaces. A quality product from Chemistik, pioneers in exterior coatings, its new improved formula is based on state of art technology. It not only prevents ingress of water on walls but also prevents growth of fungus, algae etc. and protects […]

Prime N Seal (Water Base Primer)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik A primer based on complex chemical components. Cemistik Prime N Seal is single component and acts as a primer as well as a binder over plastered and painted surfaces. Seals all pores, thus reducing the porosity of the surface. ADVANTAGES No skilled labour required. Easy to use single component. Can be appled […]

Dampoxy (Epoxy Damp Proofer)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik Dampoxy is a unique, state-of-the-art coating for Damproofing from the negative side. Dampoxy is a two component, water thinnable Epoxy coating specially formulated for internal applications. Its tough and impermeable film makes it suitable to stop internal seepages from external walls, rising dampness. Its major advantage being that it can be applied, […]

PMC-500 (Polymer Modified Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CHEMISTIK PMC-500 is a Two component Polymer Modified Cementitious Coating. It is supplied in preweighted packs. This grey coloured membrane coating is a flexible water proof barrier. It prevents ingress of water on most masonry surfaces including concrete water retaining structures. ADVANTAGES Easy to use by brush trowel or spray/one coat system. Excellent […]

TERRACOTE (Acrylic Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONChemistik Terracote is single component water base white, tough and flexible waterproofing coating. It creates an effective barrier against moisture, water and atmospheric pollutants. The white colour reflects heat and keeps interior temperature lower. ADVANTAGES Single-component, ready to use. Resists wide temperature variations. White reflects heat, keeps interiors cool. Tough & flexible will not […]