PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONChemistik Terracote is single component water base white, tough and flexible waterproofing coating. It creates an effective barrier against moisture, water and atmospheric pollutants. The white colour reflects heat and keeps interior temperature lower.


  • Single-component, ready to use.
  • Resists wide temperature variations.
  • White reflects heat, keeps interiors cool.
  • Tough & flexible will not peel or deform.
  • Withstands normal expansion contraction of surface.
  • Excellent adhesion to all types of masonry surfaces.
  • Easy to use can be brush or spray applied.
  • Durable and economical.
  • Can be used on Roofs and Walls.


  • Waterproofing of Terraces, Parapet Walls, Chajjas, External Walls of buildings.
  • AC Sheets as waterproofing heat reflective and protective coating.
  • Economical waterproofing of various types of sloping and inverted roofs.


  • Remove all existing treatment, if any.
  • Clean the surface free of oils, grease, dust, loose particles mortar droppings etc.
  • Fill all visible cracks with Chemistik Crackseal Caulking Compound by means of putty knife, spatula or fingers. Avoid formation of cavities, bubbles at the time of filling.
  • Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Observe the filling area after lapse of the said time, and if necessary refill the cracks to the level of the surface.


  • Stir the contents thoroughly.
  • Apply one coat of Chemistik Terracote on prepared surface. Allow to dry for 8 hours.
  • Apply second coat as above. Every subsequent coat, if applied, should be at an interval of 8 hours between each coat.


  • The surface to be treated should be clean, dry and moisture free. Cannot be applied on damp surfaces.
  • Working areas should be well ventilated. Smoking should not be permitted during application.
  • Do not apply on fresh concrete. Can be applied after 28 days of curing of concrete only.
  • Do not dilute as it will adversely affect its properties.



Wash all containers, brushes, tools and hands with water.


It should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat and naked flames.


Available in packing of 4, 20 litres.


Color White
Finish Smooth & Semi Glossy
Drying Time @ 30°C
Surface Dry
2 to 3 hours
Hard Dry 6 – 8 hours
Recommended Coats Minimum Two Coats
Dry Film Thickness
60 – 70 microns per coat
Scratch Hardness Excellent
Film Property Flexible
Cold Resistance 5°C
Heat Resistance Upto 100°C
Coverage Smooth Surface
Brush 60-70 sq.ft./litre/coat