C M Sealant (Bituminous Sealant)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONBased on rubber, bitumen, reinforcement fibres, Chemistik CM sealant is a non-sagging, thick paste in black colour. ADVANTAGES Single-component, non-sagging, thick paste, black in colour. Excellent adhesion to concrete, bricks, precast blocks, wood and metal. Highly elastic and ductile in wide temperature variations. Can be used in expansion and contraction, joints of canal lining, […]

Crack Seal (Acrylic Sealant)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION New improved formula Chemistik Crackseal is a one component low modulus, acrylic sealant which when cured forms a highly flexible putty having exceptionally high adhesion properties to almost any surface. An ideal, general purpose construction sealant. ADVANTAGES Single-component, white paste. Can be applied on damp surfaces. Will not bleed or stain. Highly elastic […]

Conjoint 50 (Polymeric Joint Sealant)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONChemistik: Conjoint – 50 is a two component Acrylic Polymer Modified Joint Sealant which when cured forms a flexible seal having exceptionally high adhesion properties to cementitious surfaces. This viscous putty can be applied by flat knife, trowel or spatula into joint to provide a tough and flexible waterproof seal which is also resistant […]

Acryseal (Acrylic Rubber Sealant)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik Acryseal Sealant is solvent based sealant that is best for all types of cracks and joints, indoors and outdoors. Its acrylic and rubber blend does not require any primers and remains permanently elastic. ADVANTAGES Single component white paste. No primer required, self curing. Excellent adhesion to all common construction materials. Tough yet […]

Chemseal PS-100 / GG-100 (Polysulphide sealant)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONChemistik Chemseal is a two part Polysulphide. Joint Sealant based on a high grade of synthetic rubber having outstanding resistance to deterioration due to weathering, ozone, U.V. light, chemical attack, industrial/atmospheric pollution etc. it can very easily accommodate and withstand repeated cycles of expansion contraction over a wide range to temperatures on various types […]