CHEMISTIK Admixtures are used mainly to modify the property of concrete or mortar to make them more suitable for the work in hand.

Use of Admixtures helps in improving concrete strength, reducing permeability, segregation, attaining compaction workability, accelerating or retarding the setting time without addition of more water.

CHEMISTIK Admixtures perform effectively with various types of cement, aggregate, ambient temperatures and curing conditions.

Available in different types like : Water Reducers, Super Plasticizers, Air Entraining Agents, Accelerators, Retarders. Each is designed for a specific performance and effect.

The dosages are generally recommended broadly by manufacturers as a guideline. However, one has to arrive at the correct dosage on the basis of specification, mix design and site conditions to get optimum benefits.


Effectiveness of coating and protection metals depends on a thorough understanding of the process of corrosion.

The steel use in metal structures is a highly processed material which is in an artificially alloyed state. After refinement, metals which are unstable materials actively seek to recombine with oxygen or other elements and this process is called corrosion.

As metals are constantly exposed to a corrosive environment which includes marine, chemicals and other pollutants, an effective barrier is imperative over the metal surface to maintain the structure and prolong its life.

Most often, surface coating systems like metal primers and top oat finishes are use.

CHEMISTIK primers and coatings have a good adhesive strength and have the ability to cover imperfection and bridge minute cavities. The primer should be applied within one hour of surface preparation of metal because the nature of the surface has a fine micro topography. Moreover, metal will be protected against corrosion as long as sufficient coating thickness of top coats are provided. The top coat should be stable.

Chemistik Dry Mix Mortars

Continuing the tradition of Chemistik to constantly develop high quality products with ease in application longer durability and long term protection. We have developed a range of DRY MIX MORTARS speciality mortars for the modern construction industry minimizing maintenance and down time.


Every structure, regardless of size, height and width moves and to accommodate such movements, cushion their effects, maintain their integrity, elastic joints are provided at various strategic locations throughout the exterior of a structure. The dimension and location of joints are directly related to the tolerance, thermal movement characteristics of various components that make up the structure, potential shrinkage and design aesthetics.

CHEMISTIK Sealants are primarily used in joints in order to prevent passage of water or air, to absorb expansion or contraction movements and to prevent intrusion of foreign matter which may impede movements.

CHEMISTIK Sealants are of various types like high performance which can accommodate movements of + 25% or more and normal performance types that can accommodate movements upto + 12.5%.

The selection of the correct sealant is very important and its selection will depend on the movement characteristics of the structure.

Water Proof Coatings

Constant exposure to natural elements has an adverse influence on building materials. The type, degree and rate of degradation depends on environmental conditions like heat, cold, rain radiation and chemical environments.

Water, however, remains the most destructive element in forms as diverse as wind driven rain, condensation, ground seepage through cracks, joints, porosity in substrates, terraces, chhajas, sloping roofs. Water contains many damaging substances which seep through the constructions gradually weakening them.

To create a barrier against water penetration, to resist the forces of the environment and protect the structure thereby increasing its life, CHEMISTIK has researched and formulated some of the most effective surface coatings.

CHEMISTIK surface coatings have the ability to resist a wide range of external stress: physical, chemical and extreme climatic conditions. Moreover, they are designed to conform to stringent standards of civil engineering and architectural technology. CHEMISTIK surface coatings have proven their mettle over a range of metal and masonry surfaces, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Flooring Products

In chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering, automobiles, fertilizer and abattoir industries, the floors are generally laid out in concrete. These are subjected to constant industrial impact, dusting, abrasion, chemical spillage and as a result, deteriorate fast.

Concrete floors can be restored and repaired with cement and aggregate, but this approach may however hamper production, as freshly laid concrete requires curing to complete hydrolysis in order to attain its maximum strength. Moreover, this is not a lasting solution.

Chemistik Flooring Products are superior alternatives since they can not only be laid faster on existing concrete surfaces, but also help in restoring the damaged portion keeping its original property and composition intact.

Chemistik Flooring Products, in fact, are formulated to suit industrial needs like abrasion, load impact, chemical abrasion, moisture penetration and pollution, and are ideal for the modern industrial floor for minimising maintenance cost and downtime.

Chemistik Premium

The masonry surfaces of all buildings are constantly exposed to environmental pollutants, natural calamities and increasing, industrial corrosives.

There is a growing need for more protection to maintain the structures and enhance their life.

Keeping long-term efficacy and protection in mind, Chemistik has formulated a premium range of value added waterproofing coatings. These have been developed to provide heavy duty, light weight, long term protection, ensuring superb on-site performance.