Chemistik Pro Décor Damproofer coating is based on pure acrylic, pigments, fillers etc. Its improved formula prevents dampness from interior/exterior walls, a good waterproof barrier for interior applications prior to application of putty and paint. It eliminates paint peeling problems.


  • Single component, ready to use.prodecordampproofer
  • Can be applied on damp surfaces.
  • No skilled labour required.
  • Can be applied by a brush or spray.
  • Prevents dampness from internal/external walls.
  • As a waterproof coat before application of putty or as waterproof undercoat on any surface.
  • Waterproofs, weatherproofs external walls also.
  • Prevents growth of algae fungus etc.
  • Excellent adhesion to all types of masonry surfaces.
  • Available in more than 60 shades.


As a waterproof coating for interior or exterior walls, parapets, chajjas for exterior walls of buildings as waterproof cum decorative paint. No further painting is required also can be used on walls of basements, subways etc and all kinds of concrete/masonry surfaces for protection and increasing its life span.


For Internal Surface: Remove all existing paint and putty upto plaster level. Clean surface for loose particles dust etc. wash with clean water. Apply two coats of Chemistik Pro Décor Damp Proofer at intervals of 6-8 hours between each coat. For heavy dampness after cleaning as above use 1kg Pro Décor Damp Proofer & 1 kg white cement to make putty and apply on affected areas prior to application of Pro Décor Damp Proofer.
prodecordampproofer1For Exterior Surface: Wire brush the surface from loose dirt, dust, flaking paints mortar droppings etc. Remove all algae fungal growth wash with clean water. For new surfaces apply one primer coat of Chemistik Prime N Seal. Fill visible cracks with Chemistik Crackseal Caulking Compound. Thereafter apply minimum two coats of Chemistik Pro Décor Damp Proofer at interval of 6-8 hours between each coat.


Wash all containers, brushes, tools and hands with water.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


  • The surface to be treated should be clean and sound.
  • Use Prime N Seal as a primer coat directly on the plaster. If recommended. Do not dilute the Damp Proofer as it will adversely affect its properties.
  • Do not apply on fresh concrete. Can be applied after 28 days of curing of concrete only.


Available in 1/2, 1,  4, 20 litres.


Color Available in 60 and more shades.
Finish Smooth and Matt
Surface dry @ 30°C 2 to 3 hours
Hard Dry 8 to 10 hours
Recommended Coats Minimum Two Coats
Dry Film Thickness
Brush Coverage
50 – 60 microns per coat
Coverage 90-100 sq.ft./litre/coat
Scratch Hardness Excellent
Film Property Flexible & tough
Cold Resistance Upto 50°C
Heat Resistance Upto 70° to 80°C