CHEMISTIK PMC-500 is a Two component Polymer Modified Cementitious Coating. It is supplied in preweighted packs. This grey coloured membrane coating is a flexible water proof barrier. It prevents ingress of water on most masonry surfaces including concrete water retaining structures.


  • Easy to use by brush trowel or spray/one coat system.
  • Excellent bond to Masonry/Concrete surfaces.
  • Excellent crack bridging properties.
  • Can be applied on Green/Damp Concrete.
  • Provides good anti-carbonation cover.
  • High weathering resistance.


  • All kinds of Roof Slabs, Cobas as a sandwich coat.
  • Portable Water Tanks.
  • Toilet Sunken Slabs. Kithcen areas.
  • As a backing to Marble & Granite to prevent ingress of Water.
  • For fixing tiles.
  • Protection against salt petre and rising dampness in walls.


Surface preparation is of prime importance. The surface must be clean, completely free from loose dirt, mortar droppings, grease, oils etc. and most important the surface must be firm. Loose, hollow or broken areas must be repaired with cement mortar. Bulk mixing should be done in another container by pouring the liquid first, thereafter the powder to be added slowly under stirring conditions. The mixing should continue until the mix is lump free for a minimum of 5 minutes and not for too long. For bigger packs a slow electric stirrer should be used for proper mixing as by hand it would be very difficult.


The prepared surface should be dampened with clean water. Care should be taken to remove excessive water or any standing water. The mixed material can now be applied by a stiff bristle brush achieving a minimum DFT of 200 microns per coat, ensuring that mix material is applied immediately as it has a limited pot life, finishing in one direction only, and allow to dry for minimum 2-3 hours at ambient temperatures of 30 °C. Subsequent or second coat, should be applied as soon as 1st coat is set hard depending on the problems or anticipated water pressure and type of structure being treated. Consult our technical engineer for guidance.


Clean hands tools with water immediately, any hardened material in the area can be removed by spatula, scrapper, etc.


  • Proper protection must be taken duringpmc500_2 application, to avoid direct contact with skin and eyes and inhalation of dust during mixing, to protect wear gloves, googles & dust mask.
  • Do not commence application when rain is imminent or do not apply when temperatures are below 5OC or on standing water or excessively wet areas.
  • Avoid splitting the preweighted packs supplied or adding any other materials as this will directly affect the quality of the product.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not store below 5 °C.


Available in 3 Kgs., 16 Kgs.


Appearance : Liquid : White Liquid
Appearance : Power : Grey Powder
Mixing Ratio 32 : 68
Pot Life @ 30°C 45 mins to 1 hour
Drying Time @ 30°C
Surface Dry :
1 – 2 Hours
Hard Dry 6-8 Hours
Smooth Surface
20-22 sq. ft./kg./coat
Coverage : Rough Surface 12-14 sq. ft./kg./coat
Film Thickness (DFT) 175 – 200 microns/coat
Film Property Flexible and touch


Appearance : Liquid : White
Appearance : Power : White
Mixing Ratio 32 : 68
Pot Life @ 30°C 45 mins to 1 hour
Drying Time @ 30°C
Surface Dry :
1 – 2 Hours
Hard Dry 6-8 Hours
Smooth Surface
20-25 sq. ft./kg./coat
Rough Surface 14-18 sq. ft./kg./coat
Film Thickness (DFT) 225-250 microns/coat
Film Property Flexible and touch
Packing 10 Kg Pack