PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONBased on rubber, bitumen, reinforcement fibres, Chemistik CM sealant is a non-sagging, thick paste in black colour.


  • Single-component, non-sagging, thick paste, black in colour.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, bricks, precast blocks, wood and metal.
  • Highly elastic and ductile in wide temperature variations.
  • Can be used in expansion and contraction, joints of canal lining, joints, etc. Can be used where joint movement is +5%. Minimum shrinkage and totally waterproof.
  • Acoustic insulation for autohoods, air conditioners etc.
  • Can be applied on vertical surfaces because of special non sagging prpoerties.


  • For filling joints, cracks of upto 5mm, in masonry, terraces, basements, concrete precast blocks, slabs, brick linings, water tanks, irrigation canals, etc.
  • For filling joints, cracks of CI/Cement drainage pipes, AC/GI sheets, gutters, flashings etc.
  • Pointing of Indian Patent stone.


  • Clean the joints, cracks, gaps so as to make it free from dust, loose particles, oil, grease etc.
  • For better results, apply one coat of Chemistik Clear Water Proofer on the areas to be treated.

rubeerisedjointfilterMETHOD OF APPLICATION

Fill the joints, cracks, gaps by spatula, putty knife, finger. Avoid formation of cavity or bubbles. Leave the treatment to dry for at least 24 hours. Inspect the treatment after 24 hours. If shrinkage is observed, then top up the joint, crack, gap, etc. to the level of surface, and let it dry as suggested.


Clean the tools and hands with kerosene or mineral turpentine.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Do not smoke while filling the Chemistik CM Sealant in cracks, joints and gaps.
Close lid tightly after use.


Available in 5, 25 kgs.

Colour Black
Viscosity Paste Form
Drying time 30 °C 24 hrs complete dry
Coverage Coverage is dependent on depth and width of cracks


Table showing running length in metres of joints filled apporx. per kg. of Sealant as guidance.

Depth Width
mm 5 7.5 10
5 33.32 22.21 16.66
7.5 22.21 14.80 11.10
10.00 10.60 11.10 8.33