Chemistik Floor Top is a Cemetious powder consisting of Portland cement, graded filler and metal with additives to impart non shrink high strength tapping compound cum repair mortar. It has excellent flow properties and can be placed even in most complex areas or where difficult to reach. Its unique chemistry makes it suitable to be used as a metallic floor hardner as well as a repair mortar where high strengths are required.


  • Single component ready to use.
  • Fast setting and hard.
  • High early strength.
  • Will not shrink or crack.
  • High impact and abrasion resistant.
  • Completely water resistant and non porous.
  • Excellent adhesion to all concrete, masonry.
  • Lower down time.


This unique 2 in 1 product can be used as a floor topping or metallic floor hardner where concrete floors are subject to heavy abuse like steel wheel traffic or where there is lot of heat generated in the industrial activity like in steel and metal fibre glass or glass industries etc. as a heavy duty repair mortar it can be used for repairing concrete floors where longer downtimes are not available practically in all types of industries. It can be used for repairs to concrete pipes, blocks, slabs, RCC railway sleepers manholes, highways aqueducts, bridge decks, car parking ramps, driveways etc.


Chemistik Floor Top as a floor hardner its success will depend in the base concrete which has to be cast with good concrete practices taking into account proper mix design, minimize segregation control bleeding and compacted well sufficient compound to be kept ready at hand for large works which are marked into bays to take up work soonest. The concrete should have stiffened at a point to allow light foot traffic. Whilst at a repair mortar the areas to be repaired should be free from dirt, dust loose gravel, laitance grease, oils etc. and should be firm and dry.


Chemistik Flor Top as afloor hardner application is by normal dry shake method and is applied at the rate of 5 kg/m2. Once the material has absorbed the moisture from the concrete, use wooden float or power float and finish well do not overwork the area. Once complete normal wet curing is necessary. For high strength repair mortar mix 160 – 180 ml Chemistik Polycrete Admixture in 1 kg flor toop mix thoroughly until lump free homogenous mix is achieved. Work into the area and finish with steel trowel allow to dry 24 hours after which traffic can start. No wet curing is required.


Clean hands, tools etc. with clean water immediately after use.


Store in cool dry place away from wet and humid conditions.


Storage conditions are very important to extend shelf life to 12 months.

To follow practices of a good concrete.

Do not use monolithic concrete hardening compound where floors exposed to acids, salts and other materials known to attack, concrete containing calcium chloride or air entrained concrete.


25 Kgs. Poly lined bags.