Chemistik Floor Hardner CH-300 Monolithic Concrete Hardening Compound is a surface hardening compound for concrete. A quality controlled factory made powder containing special hardwearing aggregates Portland cement and additives which give it very hard wearing and abrasion resistant properties. It is easily trowellable bonds easily on green concrete and becomes an integral part of the concrete making it dense, non porous and hard. This monolithic cure prevents curling, shrinkage and cracking of concrete.


  • Single component ready to use.
  • Non-metallic will not rust.
  • Provides hard abrasion resistant properties.
  • Dense non porous surface.
  • Resistant to oils and grese.
  • Becomes integral part of concrete.
  • Vacumn dewatering not required.


It is ideally suited for concrete floors in industries which are subjected to heavy traffic, power stations, heavy industries, car parks, warehouses, workshops etc.


The success of this hardening compound will depend on the base concrete which essentially has to be cast with good concrete practices taking into account proper mix design, minimize segregation, control bleeding and is compacted well.
The floor should be marked into bays and sufficient compound material to be kept handy to take work soonest without delays. The concrete should have stiffened at a point to allow light foot traffic which should not leave imprint of more than 3-5 mm. On large floors it would be advisable to work behind the concrete laying team to ensure application at the correct time.


Applications is by the normal dry shake method and is applied in two stages. The first stage to spread the compound evenly at the rate of 3kg/m2 on to the ready concrete. The material will uniformly become dark by absorbing the moisture from the concrete, now this can be floated. For small areas wooden floats can be used and for large areas power floats to be used. To ensure not to over work the surface. Immediately after floating the second stage is to spread the compound evenly at the rate of 2kg/m2 at right angles to the first, again when it becomes dark floating can begin. Once final floating is completed normal wet curing of concrete is necessary.


Wash all hands, tools and containers etc. with clean water immediately after use.


Store in a cool dry place away from water or humid conditions.


Storage conditions are very important to extend shelf life to 12 months.
To follow practices of a good concrete.
Do not use monolithic concrete hardening compound where floors exposed to acids, salts and other materials known to attack, concrete containing calcium chloride or air entrained concrete.


25 Kgs. Poly lined bags.