PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONEP-Plus 800 is a high build self smoothing, Seamless Epoxy resin floor finish. It can be applied on to most surfaces to provide a waterproof, dustproof and hard wearing surface with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.
It also provides excellent resistance to oil grease, moisture, dirt, etc. It is easy to clean and facilitates easy maintenance of floors and also extends their life.


  • It gives excellent resistance to dirt,epplus-800_2 dust and other environmental pollutants.
  • Excellent resistance to oil, grease, petrol and certain chemical spillage.
  • It also gives excellent resistance to most solvents.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain and easy to repair.
  • Easy to mix and apply, seamless coating by brush/mop/roller.
  • Can be used in homes and offices where tiling is not required or is not economical for floors or walls.


As a high build protective coat for concrete floors where high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dust-free and hygienic conditions are needed. It can be used very effectively in garages, light industrial factories, hospitals, operation theatres, pharmaceuticals, food or drinks industries, abattoirs, electronics factories, warehouses, workshops & sports centres. Can also be used in large water reservoirs, spray ponds etc., as a heavy-duty waterproofing and anticorrosive coating.


New concrete surfaces should be cured for 28 days prior to coating. Old/Existing surfaces should be clean, firm and dry. All laitance curing membranes/coatings should be removed. The surface should be free from dust, loose dirt, oil, grease, etc., and levelled. All pot holes, uneven surfaces, cracks, crevices should be repaired with Chemistik Rapid Repair Mortar. Very oily surfaces to be chemically cleaned with Florklin and then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry thoroughly before applying primer coat.


Once the surface is prepared as per the instructions, the surface should be primed with primer coat of EP Seal-100 (Epoxy Sealer Coat) which is supplied in two packs, Resin & Hardner. Stir the individual contents and mix them thoroughly before use. Same method is to be adopted for EP PLUS 800. Allow primer to dry for about 2 hours and then commence applying the first coat of EP PLUS 800 followed by second and subsequent coats to be applied within 2-3 hours interval between each coat. Intercoating interval should not exceed more than 8 hours. For very high gloss, final coat EP Clear 444 is recommended to be used as a top coat.


Clean hands tool etc. with Chemistik EP Thin 200. The use of barrier creams is also recommended.


Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not mix the materials and store as it will cure and gel.


Avoid inhalation of solvent vapours and avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Provide proper ventilation when working with solvent borne coatings in confined spaces or stagnant air. Provide respiratory skin and eyes protection. Don’t smoke in the vicinity and away from open flames, lights etc


5 Kg., 25 Kg.


Color Available in 10 shades
Appearance Free flowing paste
Finish Smooth-Semi Glossy
Mixing Ratio R:88 to H:12
Pot Life of @ 30° C 4 – 6 Hours
Drying Time @ 30° C
Surface Dry
2-3 hours
Hard Dry 8-10 hours
Recommended 2
Full Cure 7 days
40-45 sq.ft./kg/coat
Film Thickness 150-200 Microns per coat
Scratch Hardness Excellent
Heat Resistance 120°C – 140°C
Flash Point Above 30°C
Film Property Flexible yet tough