New improved formula Chemistik Crackseal is a one component low modulus, acrylic sealant which when cured forms a highly flexible putty having exceptionally high adhesion properties to almost any surface. An ideal, general purpose construction sealant.


  • Single-component, white paste.
  • Can be applied on damp surfaces.
  • Will not bleed or stain.
  • Highly elastic and ductile in wide temperature variations.
  • Does not shrink, crack or crumble.
  • Can be overpainted by conventional paints.


  • For filling joints, cracks in masonry, concrete,crackseal terraces, concrete precast blocks, slabs, brick linings. For filling gaps between structure and alunminium sliding windows, wooden frames of windows, doors, baseboards etc.
  • For joints of GI/Cement pipes, GI pipes, AC/GI sheets, gutters, flashings. For filling gaps and ‘J’ bolts of AC roofs.
    For stopping leakage around bathtubs, wash basins, kitchen sinks, platforms, ceramic, glass, metals, wood, concrete etc.
  • Can be used for minor expansion and contraction joints.


Clean the joints, cracks, gaps, etc. from dust, oils, grease, loose particles and old sealant if any. Care should be taken to remove alkaline deposits from cement or concrete by using ammonia/water solution. Glass or aluminium or glazed surfaces to be cleaned with mineral spirits.


On prepared surface apply sealant in one direction. Fill the joints, cracks, gap by spatula, putty knife or finger. Avoid formation o cavity or bubbles during application. Tool/level surface with wet knife/spatula or finger. Any tooling should be done prior to skin formulation. Allow the surface to dry for 24 hours. For joints, gaps cracks more than 10-12mm suitable backup material should be used prior to filling of the sealant.


Clean tools, hands with water and soap.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Close the lid tightly after use.


Available in 1, 5, 25 kgs.


Color White
Appearance Thick Paste
Skin Forming 20 min@30°C
Tensile Strength 125 psi (2Mpa)
Elongation 150%
(@ 100% Elongation) 48 psi (0.8 Mpa)
Shore Hardness ‘A’ 45
Volume Shrinkage < 22%
Temp. Resistance -5°C to 110°C
Coverage Depending on depth and width of cracks.
Table showing approx. consumption in R/mtr of crack filled per kg as guidance
Depth   Width  
mm 5 7.5 10
5 24.84 16.56 12.42
7.5 16.56 11.04 8.28
10.0 12.42 8.28 6.21