Clear Sealer is a solvent based, colourless, low viscosity penetrating type sealer coating. When applied, the coating penetrates into the surface allowing the solvents to evaporate and the active ingredients stay in blocking the pores in the surface. It can be used on all types of surfaces which allow penetration like external plastered wall, concrete, stucco, brick, stone, canvas, wood and cement painted surfaces. It is recommended for use on exterior surfaces only. and is based on superier silcone Resins.


  • Being a one coat system, it is very economical.clearsealer
  • No discolouration, cracking, peeling or spalling.
  • No freezing, thawing, excellent flexibility,can withstand expansion/contraction of surfaces.
  • Allows moisture, vapour to escape but will not allow surface penetration of water.
  • Dries within one hour.
  • Being colourless it can be used on all types of stone, masonry. Will not only waterproof but also prevent any fungal attack.
  • Ideal for use over painted surfaces, it will waterproof plus extend the life of paint for years.
  • It remains unaffected by ultraviolet light, ozone, water. It resists acids, salt spray, acid rain etc.
  • It resists dirt and prevents hydrolysis,hence prevents any fungus growth, algae, moss, mildew etc.
  • Can be applied on horizontal or vertical surfaces.
  • Remains unaffected during high temperature fluctuations.
  • Can be used as an anti graffitant.
  • Can be used as an undercoat as well as an overcoat. As an overcoat it protects paint and extends its life.
  • Can be brushed or garden sprayed/airless sprayed (20 – 30 psi).


Ideally suited for all types of external surfaces and has a very wide range of applications. It is ideal for all types of buildings including heritage buildings, external facades be it brick, plaster, concrete, pebble plaster, stone, marble, precast blocks or slabs and other porous building materials. It can be used as a protective over coat over painted surfaces. It can also be used on wooden surfaces which are not treated. It also seals canvas. It can be used on chip boards.


  • Wire brush and clean all foreign matter such as dirt, grease, laitence, mortar droppings, release agents, efflorescence, loose and flaking materials. Wash the surface thoroughly and let dry for at least 24-48 hours.
    All large voids or hollow portions must be removed and replastered locally.
  • Larger cracks/joints etc. must be filled with our Chemistik Crackseal White Caulking Compound.
  • If applied over existing painted surface, the surface must be prepared as above.
  • Over stone masonry it may be necessary to use chemical cleaners to ensure a completely clean surface. When using chemical cleaner it must be followed by washing the surface thoroughly with water.
  • On unusual surfaces, it is always advisable to test coat surface for exact coverage. Surfaces to be treated should be sound, firm, clean and dry.
  • Application should not commence during inclement weather or when rain appears imminent.
  • It is very important not to apply on wet, frozen or dirty surfaces.
  • Protective care to be taken for glass and aluminium surfaces.
  • Should not be applied over synthetic enamels, acrylic, latex or PU based paints.


  • Stir the contents well.
  • Can be applied by brush or garden spray or airless spray. When using airless spray, use only low pressure about 20-30 psi at an angle.
  • For very porous surfaces three coats may be required.
  • Overcoating can be done within 2 hours. Curing time 4 hours.

clearsealer_2CLEANING OF TOOLS

Wash hands, tools, equipments with mineral turpentine.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Work in well ventilated areas. Do not smoke while coating and keep away from open flames, lights etc.


1,4.20 Ltrs.