CHEMISTIK EP NPC-555 is a two component phenolic plus epoxy resin base cured with amine. This coating can be applied on a variety of metal and concrete surfaces to provide a good protection against environmental corrosion agents. Its hard wearing, tough film is resistance to acids, alkalis, oil, grease and petroleum products.


  • It has excellent resistance to dirt, dust and other environmental pollutants.
  • Excellent resistance to oil, grease, petrol and certain chemicals and acids.
  • It also has excellent resistance to some concentrated acids.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Easy to mix and apply, seamless coating by brush/mop/roller.
  • Good adhesion and flexibility.
  • Resistance to salt, water, alkalis etc.
  • Available in selected shades.


It can be used on a variety of metal, steel and concrete structures such as industrial structural steel, prefabricated homes, steel bridges, pylons, cassions, metal storage tanks etc.


To clean the surface from contaminants like grease, oils, dust, mortar etc. Depending on level of contamination the metal surface can be cleaned by sand papering, chipping, scrapping, wire brushing or sand blasting. Prepared surface must not be kept unprimed for too long. The recommended primer to be applied at the earliest.


Once the surface is prepared as per the instructions, the surface should be primed with primer coat of EP Seal 100 (Epoxy Sealer Coat) which is supplied in two packs – Resin and Hardener.

Stir the individual contents and then mix them thoroughly before use. Same method is to be adopted for EP NPC-555. Mix the Resin & Hardener thoroughly before starting application. Allow primer to tack dry for about 2 hours and then commence applying the first coat of EP NPC-555 followed by second. Any subsequent coats to be applied within 6-8 hours interval between each coat. Intercoating interval should not exceed more than 8 hours.


Clean hands, tools etc. with Chemistik EP THIN-200. The use of barrier creams is also recommended.


Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not mix the materials and store as it will cure and gel.


Avoid inhalation of solvent vapours and avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Provide proper ventilation when working with solvent borne coatings in confined spaces or stagnant air. Provide respiratory skin and eyes protection. Don’t smoke in the vicinity and away from open flames, light etc. Do not break packs and do not dilute.


25 Kgs.