Chemistik ACP-100 is a special formulated high performance acrylic polymer coating. Carbonation is the process whereby atmospheric carbon dioxide reacts with various components in cured concrete. The carbonation process reduces the natural alkalinity of concrete. The high alkalinity of concrete creates a protective film on reinforcing steel, making it “passive” and protecting it from corrosion. When the carbonation front reaches the level of the reinforcing steel, it causes the steel to lose its passivity (immunity to corrosion) and corrosion of the reinforcing steel is possible, leading to delimitation and spalling of the concrete. Chemistik ACP-100 is formulated as a high performance protective cum decorative coating for concrete and other masonry substrates. Due to its anti-carbonation formulation and excellent waterproofing properties it is highly suitable for use on all types of structures, especially those in aggressive marine and coastal environments.


  • Incorporated with special fungicide and silicone3 resin for maximum resistance to micro-organism growth and ultra violet rays.
  • Fast dry-shorten recoating time.
  • Allow masonry to breath.
  • Excellent gloss and colour retention.
  • Smooth glossy surface facilitates cleaning.
  • Enhance aesthetic appearance.
  • Anti carbonation property – excellent barrier to moisture, carbon dioxide, chloride ions, sulphates and oxygen.


Chemistik ACP-100 is suitable for use on a wide range of substrates with varying service requirements, exhaustive specification details cannot be readily given in this datasheet.

The product properties stated below are for Chemistik ACP-100 system applied at the minimum application rate.


Remove all existing treatment, if any. Clean the surface free of oils, grease, dust, loose particles etc. Clean the cracks and joints of dust, loose particles etc. Apply one coat of CHEMISTIK CLEAR WATERPROOFER on the surface. Allow to dry for 6 to 8 hours. Fill the visible cracks with CHEMISTIK CRACKSEAL COMPOUND by means of putty knife, spatula or fingers. Avoid formation of cavities, bubbles at the time of filling. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Observe the filling area after lapse of the said time, and if necessary refill the cracks to the level of the surface.


Stir the contents thoroughly. Apply one coat of CHEMISTIK ACP-100 on prepared surface. Allow to dry for 8 hours. Apply second coat as above. Every subsequent coat, if applied, should be at an internal of 8 hours between each coat.


Wash all containers, brushes, tools and hands with mineral turpentine only.


Being inflammable, it should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat and naked flames.


The surface to be treated should be clean, dry and moisture free. Cannot be applied on damp surfaces. Working areas should be well ventilated, as the fumes of the evaporation of solvent should not be inhaled. Smoking should not be permitted during application. Do not apply on fresh concrete. Can be applied after 28 days of curing of concrete only.


25 Kgs.