Chemistik Grout GP-200 Cementitious Non Shrink Grout is  a general purpose high strength cementitious grout in powder form when added with controlled quantity of water it becomes a free flowing grout or a stiff consistency material for vertical applications. Its formulation is based on Portland cement, graded fillers and additives which impart controlled expansion in a plastic state. By minimizing the amount of water a non-shrink mortar is produced for various uses in the construction industry.


  • Non Shrink will not crack.
  • Non metallic and chloride free.
  • Can be used up to 100 mm at a time.
  • Ready to use hence consistent controlled quality.
  • High bond strength to concrete and steel.
  • High early compressive strength.
  • Minimum downtime.
  • Extremely low permeability.


Ready to use grout when added with controlled quantity of water can achieve a free flowing 1or a paste type consistency for a variety of use in the construction field like bedding in precast units in walls, roofs, slabs etc. Anchor bolts, machinery foundations, turbines, generators, filling holes of scaffolding supports, formwork ties etc.


All areas where grout is to be placed should be free  from foreign particles, loose or flaking materials and should be firm and damp. For mixing a electrical mixer should be used with a slow speed. The addition of water to the grout is of prime importance should be as per recommendation only and the mixing time and pour should be monitored. This will ensure a good quality consistency, all formwork used should be leak proof. Areas to be treated should be presoaked for few hours, excess water must be removed, avoid entrapment of air which will reduce the contact area.


Chemi Grout GP-200 to be added into gauging water slowly under constant stirring conditions until lump free and homogenous. For pourable consistency maximum 5.8 liters per 25 kg bag. For plastic consistency maximum 4.0 liters per 25 kg bag. Once mix is ready for a free flowing grout it essential to ensure that poring is a continuous process and it is not allowed to stop, the timing of pour must be regulated. The pouring must be from one side to avoid air entrapment. On completion all exposed areas should be thoroughly cured with continuous water or under wet hessian cloth.


Wash all hands, tools and containers etc. with clean water immediately after use.


Store in a cool dry place away from water or humid conditions.


Storage conditions are very important to extend the shelf life to 6 months.

Controlled quantity of water to be added as recommended.

Wet curing is necessary.

Mixing and pouring time should be monitored.

Follow instructions carefully to gain maximum strength.


25 Kgs. Poly lined bags.