Traditionally, concrete is cured by moist curing. But, this method is sometimes not practicable due to several constraints, eg. acute shortage of water in desert regions, vertical or sloping surfaces, large and massive concreting surface like dams, canals etc. It is very imperative that hydration of water of freshly laid concrete must not be allowed to evaporate; otherwise, the following disastrous results may occur in concrete due to inadequate curing and strength.

  • Cracks due to shrinkage.
  • Poor strength development.
  • Chipping off on the surface.

The above defects are highly aggravated in regions of high ambient temperature, low humidity, high wind velocity and intense exposure to sunlight. In such a hostile, natural environment the judicious use of Concrete Curing Compound is absolutely essential though it may appear uneconomical on paper at a cursory glance.


  • When Concrete Curing Compound is sprayed on to freshly placed concrete, it forms an impermeable membrane on the surface which prevents the hydrated water within the mass of concrete from premature evaporation. It protects the concrete from exposure to strong solar radiation.
  • Once the curing compound is sprayed on, there is no need to keep the concrete moist by keeping it continually wet for several weeks.


Irrigation canals, dams, highway, runways, roofs, cooling towers, pre-cast pipes, slabs, blocks, sloping structures. In fact, all vertical or sloping cement surfaces where moist curing becomes difficult.


  • Stir the contents well. Apply the curing compound by spraying with a garden sprayer thinly and uniformly when concrete is green.
  • For small area, use soft brush or domestic spray pump.
  • On horizontal surfaces, apply the compound as soon as the sheen has disappeared.
  • The surface should be free of water when the compound is applied.
  • Make sure the compound is applied thinly and uniformly and no area is left out without coating.
  • The distance between the surface of concrete and the spray nozzle should be about 1 meter.
  • The compound will form whitest film on the surface. It will cover approx 7 -9 sq mtr/ltr.


Clean all equipments thoroughly with water immediately after use.


Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Curing compound is neither Injurious to concrete nor to human skin. It is non-inflammable. As a general code of safety practice, treat all chemicals with care and store away from children.


Available in 5, 20, 200 litres.