PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik ACP-100 is a special formulated high performance acrylic polymer coating. Carbonation is the process whereby atmospheric carbon dioxide reacts with various components in cured concrete. The carbonation process reduces the natural alkalinity of concrete. The high alkalinity of concrete creates a protective film on reinforcing steel, making it “passive” and protecting it […]

CHEMISTIK DAMPROOFER HB (High Build Elastic Damproofer)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CHEMISTIK DAMPROOFER is a single component thick water based acrylic coating. Its improved formula has modified acrylic ester copolymerized polymer emulsion selected fillers and pigment. This high build coating is ideal to prevent dampness from concrete substrates an excellent waterproof barrier for interior applications and non-exposed surfaces. Much more superior to conventional cement […]

CHEMISTIK BITUMAST – 50 (Bituminous Protective Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Based on Bitumen synthetic rubber, complex organic chemicals and rich minerals, Chemistik BITUMAST-50 is a brushable liquid, having paint consistency and is black in colour. ADVANTAGES Single-component, ready-to-use. Can be applied to damp surfaces. Excellent adhesion to most surfaces. Forms flexible, water-resistant film. Resistance to temperatures around 80°to 90° C. No skilled labour […]


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BRM-55 is a Heavy Duty cold applied coating for waterproofing of pitched or flat roofs. The high performance elastomeric roof coating is blended with high quality bitumen, rubber, plasticizers fillers and water. It forms a tough yet flexible seamless matt, free from laps or seams. It is excellent for new as well as […]