Chemistik Florklin (Chemical Floor Clearner)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik Florklin is a specially formulated chemical cleaner for cleaning of greasy, oily surfaces. The use of acids is normally not recommended in factories where immediate rusting occurs. This chemical cleaner is based on complex solvents and can be safely used in factory environments. Normally, used in cleaning oily floors or any surface […]

Chemistik Ruscem (Rust Converter)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik Ruscem, a unique water White chemical liquid coating which when applied to a rusty metal surfaces, reacts with the rust and converts the same into a Black coating. This Chemical reaction of conversion of the rust protects the metal from rusting further. Once the reaction is complete the surface is then ready […]

TURF COTE – 400 (Deck Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Turf Cote 400 is a superior coating based on Acrylic Rubber blend combined with premium resins, pigments fillers and solvents. This coating has been specially developed for all weather tennis courts or any exposed Decks, Pathways etc. It has excellent weathering properties and protects the surface from deterioration against water and abrasion. ADVANTAGES […]

EP TAC 404 (Epoxy Tac Coat)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONCHEMISTIK EP TAC 404 has been specially developed for use as a primer for the application of CHEMISTIK Epoxy Systems and a binder to make epoxy screeds. CHEMISTIK EP TAC 404 has also been widely used to promote adhesion between new and old concrete. Also it can be used as an anticorrosive coating primer […]