PU-30 (Aqueous Polyurethane Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik PU-30 is a Single Component moisture cure water based aliphatic type high performance coating. Its smooth and satin finish repels dust and prevents growth of algae, fungus, mould etc. It is economical having excellent water resistance and withstands temperature variation, a good antibacterial coating.ADVANTAGES One component ready to use. Excellent bond to […]

PROTEK-4000 (Nano Lithium Sealer Coat)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik Protek 4000 Nano Lithium Sealer Coating is a hybrid inorganic/organic nano lithium protective clear coat, non yellowing its high performance and formulation is based on lithium-silicate water based technology having extremely low voc and environment friendly coating. this unique reactive chemistry forms an insoluble permanent bond with the surface rapidly curing into […]

ROOFCOTE (High Build Acrylic Roof Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONRoof cote is a heavy duty single component white elastomeric waterproof coating. This premium coating is based on latest technology 100% Pure Acrylic Resins Premium Fillers and water. It is environment friendly with low VOC. Its high DFT and flexibility makes it an ideal waterproof coating for all types of roofs and provides long […]

PU-50 (Heavy Duty PU Waterproof Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik PU-50 has been specially developed from latest PU technology to provide heavy duty waterproofing with long term durability. It is a two component coating ideally suited for concrete waterproofing of new and remedial work which is not directly exposed. ADVANTAGES High Build Coating hence longer durability. Crack bridging properties up to 3-5 […]

SPU – 500 (Polyurea Elastic Waterproof Coating)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistik SPU 500 is a remarkable coating, and lining based on Polyurea Polymer Technology. It is a superior protective and waterproof coating cum lining which adheres to almost all types of surfaces having long durabilities. When traditional coatings/linings need constant repair or take too long to install or cannot be applied due to […]

PMBM (Polymer Modified Bitumen Membrane)

INTRODUCTION We at Chemistik are actively engaged in developing a wide range of high quality products to perform under some of the most hostile environments. We are constantly developing, testing, improving and introducing quality products to provide better durability, light weight and long term protection. DESCRIPTIONS Chemistik’s Polymer Modified Bitumen Membranes are prefabricated and whose […]