ACC-30 is a unique state-of-art technology product specially developed indigenously to solve the problems of condensation and mould. ACC-30 is manufactured using latest technology with only the best raw materials and ensuring superb onsite performance. This perfectly blended product eliminates the break down of conventional paints in condensation phenomena; hence prevents bad odour, blistering and peeling of the coating and prevents growthof fungus, algae etc.


It is single component and white in colour, and can be applied in humid or slightly damp surfaces and also in cold conditions. It has excellent ageing properties, and is totally waterproof and has very good water vapour permeability.


Highly recommended for use in rooms where there are sudden temperature variations such as air-conditioned rooms, high humidity areas, cold storages, AC plants, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, steam rooms, etc.


Do not coat on freshly plastered walls (only after 28 days of curing). In order to obtain maximum adhesion, the surface must be clean free of loose dirt, grease, algae, fungus etc. Clean and thoroughly wash with fungicide solution prior to coating. For chalky surfaces, a prime coat of AC-10 is recommended prior to coating ACC-30. Also a primer is recommended in areas which cannot be prepared as above and which are already coated with conventional paints.


Can be applied with brush/roller/Spray. Minimum two coats are recommended. For normal surfaces it will cover approximately 50/ 60 sq. ft/ltr/coat’by brush. For better finish use fur type roller.


All tools and equipments should be washed with mineral turpentine.


Work in well ventilated areas and do not smoke while working and away from open flames, lights etc.


4, 20 litres.