Chemistik Dampoxy is a unique, state-of-the-art coating for Damproofing from the negative side. Dampoxy is a two component, water thinnable Epoxy coating specially formulated for internal applications. Its tough and impermeable film makes it suitable to stop internal seepages from external walls, rising dampness. Its major advantage being that it can be applied, even on damp surfaces.


  • Can be applied on damp surfaces.
  • Suitable for internal walls, RCC slabs and underground structures.
  • Highly tough yet flexible.
  • Excellent resistance to mild acids and alkalies.
  • Two component, easy to use.
  • No skilled labour required.
  • Can be applied by brush.
  • No Primer required.
  • Can be overcoated with conventional decorative paints.


  • For interior damp proofing.
  • For damproofing seepages from external walls.
  • To stop seepage from rising dampness.
  • Can be applied in sunken slabs, basements, lift pits, water tanks, swimming pools, etc.
  • Can be used as Damproofing course at preconstruction stage for underground structures in box type construction.


  • Like in all coatings, proper surface preparation is of prime importance to obtain maximum durability of coatings. Ignoring this can result in failure of coating.
  • Remove all existing coatings, treatments etc. to plaster level.
  • Clean the surface of loose particles, dust, oil, grease, etc. with the help of wire brush or sand paper.
  • For acute salt petre problems, the affected areas may be thoroughly washed with solvents like MTO, Xylene, etc.


  • Mix the resin and hardener thoroughly.
  • Apply first coat immediately on affected areas within 1 hour.
  • Apply second coat within 3-4 hours to ensure proper intercoat adhesion.
  • Allow to cure for minimum 72 hours before any further painting or treatment is started.


Wash hands, tools, brush, etc. with soap and warm water.


Keep containers in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


  • Do not mix and keep for later use as it will cure and jell.
  • Use nylon brush for better brushability.
  • Do not smoke during application.


Available in 1, 4, and 20 litres.


Color Off White
Finish Smooth & Semi Glossy
Mixing Ratio 65 : 35 by volume
Pot Life @ 30°C 2 hrs
Drying Time Surface Dry 30-60 mins
Hard Dry 5 – 6 hours
Recommended Coats Minimum Two Coats
Film Thickness 40 – 50 microns per coat
Scratch Hardness Excellent
Heat Resistance 80° to 100°C
Coverage Smooth 70-80 sq.ft./ltr./coat