Bituruffe compound is a high solid high build protective bituminous coating blended with rubber special chemicals and solvent.
A semi viscous liquid, cold applied membrane coating, primarily developed to provide economical resistance to water and corrosion on a variety of surfaces and having varied uses.


  • Cold applied-no heating required.
  • One coat system. No primer required.
  • For quick repairs over / bitumen / felts.
  • Good adhesion to all masonry surfaces, metal, wood, cork, reinforcement cloth, membranes etc.
  • Having temperature resistance of 80° C – 90° C.
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • High Build, hence good crack bridging properties.


  • It is an ideal economic solutionbituruffe for preventing quick and easy repairs for waterproofing of flat concrete roofs, pitched roofs, AC/GI sheet roofs, gutters, Mangalore tiled roofs etc.
  • As a damproofing course on non-pressure exherting foundations.
  • For quick plugging of leaks over tar, bitumen, tar sheets, etc.
  • Good for soak pits, sewers, effluent tank, etc.


No meticulous surface preparation is needed as in other coating. The surface should be clean and firm, free from loose dirt, grease, oils, etc. Bigger cracks more than 2-3 mm should be filled with Joint Filler Compound sealant prior to application.
For heavy duty protection a suitable reinforcement cloth to be used between two coats of Bitu ruffe.


No primer is required unless otherwise recommended for certain peculiar problems. Bitu ruffe can be applied by brush, mop or roller. One even coat to be applied over affected areas. If using with reinforcement make sure the reinforcement membrane is laid evenly on the coating while wet, taking care to remove any entrapped air bubbles. After drying for 6-8 hours second coat may be applied. The coating should be used as supplied.


Clean hand, tools with MTO.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Do not apply on fresh concrete/mortar. Apply after 28 days of curing only. Do not apply when rain is imminent. Dilution is not recommended, doing so will affect the quality of product. Being inflammable it should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct heat and naked flames. Working area should be well ventilated. Smoking should not be permitted during application.


Available in 1, 4, 20 litres.

Cold Mastic Compound

Color Black
Appearance Semi Viscous Liquid
Finish Smooth & Semi Glossy
Drying Time @ 30°C
Surface Dry
3 to 4 hours
Hard Dry 24 hours
Recommended Coats 1 – 2 Coats
Coverage 50 – 60 sq.ft./litre on smooth flat masonry surface/one coat
Film thickness 200 – 250 microns per coat
Resistance 60° – 70° C
Flash Point Above 40° C